Class Actions

Cassels boasts one of the country’s leading class action defence teams. We successfully defended the first-ever class action in Ontario, and have maintained our position as a market leader with precedent-setting class action defence work since that time in some of the most significant, complex and widely publicized class actions in Canada. We have an excellent track record of successfully defending clients in numerous class proceedings, defeating certification, and achieving attractive negotiated resolutions across Canada.

Specialists in Complex Litigation

We are continually engaged as litigation counsel in respect of the most legally sophisticated and factually complex cases. Our team has expertise and significant experience strategizing and advising on high-stakes matters of competition law, securities law, and other “bet the company” litigation.

Real Success, Real Credibility

We are among the very few firms in Canada to take class actions to trial. We have a reputation for assertive, efficient settlements, built on our track record of favourable motion and trial decisions. Class counsel know that we’re willing, and capable, to go all the way.

Strategic Advisors

As your strategic advisors, our approach to this class action will focus on two things – reputation and success. We take your reputation as seriously as we take our own, and we will work tirelessly to defend it. Our method of advancing your defence, and the strategic advice that we will give you along the way, will prioritize your business needs and focus on the “big picture.”