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Cassels Authors Article on The Equator Principles for Business Law Today


Carla Potter, Lauren White, and Ilan Farber have authored an article titled “The Equator Principles – EP4: Impacts and Considerations for Project Financings,” published by Business Law Today – the digital platform of the ABA Business Law Section.

Write the authors: “Due to growing interest in the environmental and social impacts of business, the Equator Principles were formulated in June 2003 to establish a framework for managing these risks and impacts when financing projects. The Equator Principles have been periodically updated, with the most recent version—EP4—taking effect as of October 1, 2020. Under EP4, borrowers could potentially be subject to more stringent requirements with respect to environmental and social risk management compared to what is typically required under applicable laws.”

They go to outline what steps borrowers can take to prepare themselves for upcoming projects that may be subject to the Equator Principles.

Read the full article here.