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Adrianna Pilkington Looks at “Balancing Preservation & Growth” with NRU Toronto


Adrianna Pilkington has been quoted in the article “Balancing Preservation & Growth,” published in the December 11, 2020, edition of Novae Res Urbis Toronto (NRU Toronto).

Writes Marc Mitanis: “The City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation division says its proposal to list 966 properties on the heritage register is a proactive move intended to give greater clarity to owners of properties that possess cultural heritage value. But there are concerns that the batch listings could have the potential of impeding development along some of the city’s most significant corridors.”

Adrianna Pilkington believes that while the city’s batch listing gives more warning to landowners that their property may contain heritage features, it has the potential to impact future development: “Heritage adds another layer of development regulation and necessarily guides or restricts development potential and results in further city review. Batch-listing is very likely over-inclusive, so [it] runs the risk of restricting redevelopment without proper foundation.”

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