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Noble Chummar Reappointed to LCBO


Cassels is pleased to congratulate Noble C. Chummar on his reappointment to the Board of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. On the advice of the Premier of Ontario and The Minister of Finance, The Government of Ontario, through an Executive Order-in-Council has reappointed Noble to the Board of Directors of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for a third term. Noble is among seven other provincially appointed Board members under the leadership of LCBO Chair, Mr. Carmine Nigro.

The LCBO is an Ontario government enterprise with 9,621 employees and is one of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of beverage alcohol. Through a network of more than 670 retail stores and an additional 200 convenience outlets by 2020, the award-winning retailer provides efficient, knowledgeable and socially-responsible service for consumers and licensed establishments. The LCBO sales are over $6.3 billion, resulting in a $2.37 billion dividend to the Ontario government, not including taxes. These revenues help pay for important government services, such as health care, education and infrastructure.

Noble Chummar is a partner and National Deputy Chair of the firm’s Business Law Group and Chair of the firm’s Government Relations practice. He is a graduate of The London School of Economics and Osgoode Hall Law School and is also a certified member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.