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Canadian Securities Litigation Outlook 2018: Trends to Watch for Capital Markets Participants


Our Annual Review of What’s Important and What’s Trending in Securities Litigation

This has been an interesting and exciting year. From the increase in regulatory scrutiny in the cannabis industry, to the rapid evolution of FinTech, to the shifting shareholder activism and corporate governance landscape, market participants have been busy trying to keep up in an environment defined by change. Recent developments in the law relating to securities class actions, and an emphasis on circumstantial evidence to support insider trading prosecutions and settlements, remind issuers and individuals alike to remain mindful of change as they navigate what can quickly become unfamiliar surroundings.

The latest issue of the Canadian Securities Litigation Outlook provides a helpful analysis of securities litigation developments over the past 12 months, and also looks ahead to the topics and issues expected to trend in 2019.

The feature piece of this year’s report focuses on capital market activity and regulatory scrutiny in the cannabis sector, along with a look at what to expect in relation to risk disclosure shortcomings and other challenges associated with paving a way through uncharted territory.

Chapters include:

  • Hazy Risks and Investor Highs in Emerging Cannabis Market
  • Tacking the Regulation of Cryptocurrency
  • Shareholder Activism in an Ever-Changing Environment
  • Continued Successful Insider Trading Prosecutions, with a Notable Exception
  • Key Updates to the Securities Class Action Landscape in 2018

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This publication is a general summary of the law. It does not replace legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances.