Discovery Services

As our global world becomes more reliant on communicating electronically, the volumes of data are increasing exponentially. The creation and consumption of data is constantly growing and becoming more complex to identify, collect, and review for the purposes of evidence. Electronic discovery is no longer just about email, but rather a complex tangle of new and emerging data types, devices, and storage locations. Discoverable data may be saved in the cloud, on various types of devices, and in countless formats, making electronic discovery a critical component of most legal matters, regulatory requests, or investigations. Without a deep understanding of today’s electronic discovery challenges, evidence may be lost or destroyed.

Our national Discovery Services Team provides comprehensive electronic discovery support and solutions to our legal teams and clients. We are a dedicated team consisting of case managers and analysts who bring years of experience to the table, while staying current with today’s technology.


Our team is involved in new legal matters early to provide guidance and expertise on project planning. We collaborate with legal teams and clients as subject matter experts when identifying potentially relevant data and evidence. Our team applies best practices to provide practical and proportionate advice for the identification, preservation, and collection of potentially relevant information.

We pride ourselves in staying current with the emerging data sources that are becoming discoverable including cloud-based sources, audio and video files, instant messaging, and social media.

We assist with the analysis of the data collected to develop a strategy for the review of the data. We leverage advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and innovative techniques like predictive coding/technology assisted review.

In our remote world, electronic hearings and trials are becoming more common. Our team supports virtual hearings and trials, managing the electronic evidence along with the technology, so that the legal team can focus on the substantive aspect of hearing.

Our Team Sets Us Apart

We have invested in a team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about everything e-Discovery. We are industry leaders, involved in e-discovery organizations such as Sedona Canada Working Group 7, ACEDS, Digital Evidence and e-Discovery Working Group, Women in e-Discovery, and ILTA.

We see the need to think beyond the best practices to build customized solutions for our legal teams and clients. We adapt to the needs of the work, applying proportionality and project management principles, to provide a defensible workflow for every unique matter.

Cassels understands that electronic discovery requires specific expertise and our Discovery Services Team is involved at the initial planning stages of matters that involve electronic evidence, ensuring the opportunity to be proactive – and not just reactive – to our clients’ electronic discovery obligations.