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Cassels Identified Among the Best in the Country by Who’s Who Legal: Canada 2021


44 of our colleagues have been named as leaders in their field by Who’s Who Legal: Canada for 2021.

Who’s Who Legal recognizes the most highly regarded firms and individuals in the country.

Congratulations to:

  • Suhuyini Abudulai (Banking)
  • Chad Accursi (Mining)
  • Davit Akman (Competition)
  • Matthew Alter (Construction; Government Contracts)
  • Jason Arbuck (Hospitality)
  • Frank Arnone (M&A and Governance)
  • Mark Bennett (Mining)
  • Andre Boivin (Mining)
  • David Budd (Project Finance; Sports & Entertainment; Sports & Gaming)
  • Jake Bullen (M&A and Governance; Sports & Entertainment; Sports & Gaming)
  • Mary Buttery (Restructuring & Insolvency)
  • Rachael Chadwick (E-Discovery)
  • Gordon Chambers (Mining)
  • Casey Chisick (Intellectual Property; Sports & Entertainment)
  • Nancy Choi (Mining)
  • John Craig (Mining)
  • Jane Dietrich (Restructuring & Insolvency)
  • Brian Dominique (Mining)
  • Len Glickman (Sports & Entertainment; Sports & Gaming)
  • Jay Goldman (Mining)
  • Gordon Goodman (Insurance & Reinsurance)
  • Alison Hayman (Intellectual Property; Trademarks)
  • Joe Hocher (Energy)
  • Christopher Horkins (Franchise)
  • Ryan Jacobs (Restructuring & Insolvency)
  • Shayne Kukulowicz (Restructuring & Insolvency)
  • Jennifer McKenzie (Trademarks)
  • Cathy Mercer (Mining)
  • Michael Osborne (Competition)
  • Sheldon Plener (Sports & Entertainment; Sports & Gaming)
  • Darrell Podowski (Mining)
  • Chuck Rich (Banking)
  • Doug Richardson (Tax)
  • Frank Robinson (Franchise)
  • Derek Ronde (Franchise)
  • Stephen Selznick (Sports & Entertainment)
  • Geoffrey Shaw (Franchise)
  • Peter Snell (Franchise)
  • Ken Snider (Tax)
  • Paul Stein (Capital Markets, Mining)
  • Brenda Swick (Government Contracts; Trade & Customs)
  • Jennifer Traub (Mining)
  • Larry Weinberg (Franchise)

We are also pleased to note that several practitioners have been named as Thought Leaders in their field of practice: Matthew Alter (Construction); Jake Bullen (Sports); Mary Buttery, QC (Restructuring & Insolvency); Casey Chisick (Entertainment); Jane Dietrich (Restructuring & Insolvency); Shayne Kukulowicz (Restructuring & Insolvency); Darrell Podowski (Mining); Peter Snell (Franchise); and Larry Weinberg (Franchise). Who’s Who Legal identifies Thought Leaders for their vast expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge legal matters, as well as their ability to innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.

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