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Tom Isaac Comments on “Largest Land-claims Settlement in Canadian History” in Financial Post


Tom Isaac was quoted in the article “Ontario Slowly Closing in on the Largest Land-claims Settlement in Canadian History” published in the Financial Post on November 21, 2017.

Writes Julius Melnitzer: “Ontario [is] close[ing] in on a treaty with the Algonquins of Ontario, the first modern-day treaty the province has ever signed. The treaty negotiations, which involve the federal government as well, cover 36,000 square kilometres, 86 municipalities and 1.1 million residents in Ontario….  And quite apart from the direct day-to-day impact that aboriginal title issues have on local populations, their effect on the country on the whole should not be underestimated.”

Says Tom: “Almost every industry dealing with land, air or water assets is dealing with aboriginal issues, which becomes a competitive issue in attracting foreign investment and in job creation. What may seem like an obscure area of the law gets real very quickly when you’re on a deal of that kind.”

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