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Tilly Gray Discusses the Top 10 Legal Technology Trends in 2021 with Canadian Lawyer Magazine


Tilly Gray has been quoted in the article “Top 10 Legal Technology Trends in 2021,” published by Canadian Lawyer.

Writes Tim Wilbur: “Legal technology has been evolving for many years, but the past 12 months have seen exponential growth in adoption. While some lawyers and firms were tech-savvy and innovative pre-COVID, the pandemic forced the rest of the legal profession to innovate by necessity. Firms shuttered their offices, paper documents were out of reach, and the justice system moved to virtual proceedings overnight.”

Tilly says that while many automation tools were thrown at lawyers when the pandemic hit, firms should now be focusing on how they will improve the client experience. These improvements, Tilly says, should be done by “looking at the larger process and seeing the automation process could be better improved with staffing models or other tech.”

Read the full article here.

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