FourLines is a Cassels initiative that assesses, pilots, and implements specialized staffing models, streamlined workflows, and the most current technology to improve both the quality and timeliness of our corporate and transaction-based legal advice and related services.

Why FourLines

FourLines refers to the solution to a traditional pen and paper puzzle: to connect nine dots arranged in a set of three rows using only a continuous set of four straight lines. Finding the correct answer requires thinking “outside the box” – both literally and figuratively.

Technology constantly challenges us to continuously adapt and improve our approach to the practice of law. However, installing the newest software or hiring a well-paid consultant alone will not meet that objective. It requires a substantive change in our approach to how that technology is leveraged and by whom in order to produce the optimal outcome for our clients.

FourLines demonstrates our willingness to embrace a new approach to client service on financing and M&A transactions.

Four Objectives

  1. Seek to continually improve the quality and timeliness of our legal advice and related services.
  2. Investigate and deploy leading edge technology that will allow us to foster innovation in how we service our clients.
  3. Enhance our ability to provide cost certainty for our clients.
  4. Partner directly with clients so they may leverage what we deploy and implement in their own business operations.

Four Areas of Value

  1. People –  Our FourLines team consists of the right mix of experienced legal professionals, project management specialists, and technical advisors. This staffing model ensures that every task is being performed by the most qualified and most cost efficient individual on the team, every time.
  2. Process – FourLines operates in an environment governed by key principles of process improvement and project management. From the creation of agreements to the execution and closing of any deal, FourLines simplifies the complexity of all transactional matters establishing both improved cost certainty and transparency.
  3. Technology – We are committed to investing the time and resources necessary to research, pilot, integrate, and become experts in the use of new, applicable technologies. Our clients can leverage our investment in FourLines to improve the efficiency of their own internal operations, as many of the technologies we have deployed are available for direct use by our clients.
  4. Knowledge Transfer – Clients can also rely on our expertise regarding the best available tools and vendors in the market, whether they are leveraging FourLines or independently deploying similar technologies and/or process improvements in their own business operations.

FourLines of Innovation

  1. Due Diligence & Contract Analysis – Leverage our market leading AI tool for due diligence and/or contract analysis.
  2. Transaction Management – Access to software that will streamline the lifecycle of a matter and make transactions “paper-lite.”
  3. Document Preparation – Leverage our continually maintained gold standard precedents and other resources and our market leading tools for document repair, formatting and more as well as direct use of document preparation and automated workflow software.
  4. Research and Development – FourLines is committed to continuous evaluation and improvement and as we partner with our clients and identify new areas on which to focus our FourLines resources, we will continue to strategically refine the makeup of our speciality teams and processes, including conducting research on and pilot testing emerging technologies with a view to enhancing what FourLines has to offer.