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Noble Chummar Looks at Changes to Combat Sports Rules in The Globe and Mail


Noble Chummar has been quoted in the article “Ontario to Change Combat Sports Rules in Bid to Attract More Events to Province,” published by The Globe and Mail.

Writes Shawn Jeffrods: “Combat sports laws in Ontario are set to be overhauled in what the government says in an effort to draw more high-profile events to the province and bolster athlete safety…. The new law, if passed, would appoint a combat sport commissioner and an advisory council to offer recommendations to the Minister on the most up-to-date rules for each sport. The government could then update rules through regulatory changes.”

Noble said the government’s planned move will help level the playing field for all combat sports in the province: “The uniformity of rules globally is what allows a sport to flourish. The changes are necessary so that UFC can deliver its sport the same way that it does around the world, as it is for any other professional sports organization.” (In 2010, Noble successfully lobbied the government to allow mixed martial arts in Ontario on behalf of his client, UFC, a multi-billion dollar sports organization.)

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