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Marco Ciarlariello Looks at How Esports is Catching Marketers’ Attention in ANA Magazine


Marco Ciarlariello has been quoted in an article titled “Esports Catching Marketers’ Attention,” published by ANA Magazine.

The article looks at how marketers are exploring and engaging with the growing world of esports. Writes Chris Warren: “Just as many of the basics of effective marketing apply to esports, so too do the legal concerns that brands need to take into account.”

Says Marco: “When the necessary steps are not taken at the outset of any brand-building or marketing exercise, it can be particularly difficult for marketing professionals to effectively assist esports clients. In an industry where many clients lack sophisticated structure for intellectual property use and protection, marketing and advertising campaigns can readily run afoul of third-party rights, possibly subjecting both the marketer and client to liability.”

That means marketers must possess the proper rights and trademarks, including gamer tags and team names: “In addition, esports marketers and their clients should be mindful of taking the right steps to ensure that those who are using their trademarks are doing so pursuant to proper licenses and without infringing the rights of any third parties.”

ANA Magazine is US-based magazine and blog of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

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