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Jonathan Sherman Looks at Export Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry


Jonathan Sherman was quoted in the article “Think Global” published by Grow Opportunity. This article looks at the export market as a key source of revenue for marijuana producers.

Canada has achieved its pre-eminent position in the international cannabis market, in part, because federal regulation permits medical marijuana production across the country, says Jonathan. Moreover, capital markets here help companies participate in the export market:

“The fact that companies in Canada can go public and can access public money creates an opportunity for licensed producers to expand and to service both the domestic market and some export opportunities.”

More importantly, he adds, because Health Canada established rigorous standards for cannabis exports, people in other countries trust Canadian LPs and know that the quality of cannabis grown in Canada complies with strict government regulation.

“It’s because of that trust factor, Health Canada’s licensing regime and the fact that there are very strict regulatory requirements and oversights that other countries are comfortable relying on the work that Health Canada is doing,” asserts Sherman. “It has provided a unique opportunity where, in Germany, for example, you’re seeing a large number of Canadian licensed producers going through the licensing regime there.”

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