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Jonathan Sherman & Jamie Litchen Speak to the Insider on Deals, Disputes and Policy Decisions Shaping the Future of the Cannabis Industry


Jonathan Sherman and Jamie Litchen were included in an article by the Insider as top cannabis lawyers who have worked on the industry’s biggest deals.

Writes the Insider: “To understand the future of cannabis M&A, Insider interviewed seven top lawyers who’ve advised on some of the industry’s bigger deals. The lawyers all work for firms on our list of the top law firms in cannabis. They told Insider to expect more deals in the coming months…”

Jonathan believes that “legalization in the US is a question of when, not if. “I don’t think there’s any question sitting here today that US legislation will happen.” That’s led to an uptick in reach outs from clients in other industries, like banking, consulting, and consumer packaged goods, who want to lean on the firm’s expertise in the cannabis industry. “People do not want to be caught behind the eight ball.”

Jamie expects more “large scale” M&A between Canadian and US companies as the US moves closer to federal legislation. “The US is the next big opportunity that everyone sees as right in front of us. But once the US does something, the rest of the world tends to follow.”

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