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Jessica Kuredjian Quoted in Law Times on Recent Success in Case Involving Civil Forfeiture


Jessica Kuredjian has been quoted in an article titled “Court Approved Payment of Proceeds from Seized Asset Before it was Ruled Proceeds of Crime,” published by the Law Times.

Writes Aidan Macnab: “The Attorney General cannot enter into a settlement and pay out money from a police-seized asset unless the asset has first been determined by a court to be the proceeds of crime, the Ontario Court of Appeal has found.”

Jessica, who together with Rob Sniderman represented an intervenor in the appeal, notes: “Civil forfeiture is an extremely powerful tool in the government’s toolbox. And because of the power of that tool, there need to be clear direction on how it can be applied. Civil forfeiture does not just apply to criminals, it can also be used to take the assets of individuals who have never been charged, or even suspected, of a crime.”

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