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Jen Hansen and Jennifer Wasylyk Quoted in Lexpert’s Special Edition on Global Mining; Multiple Partners Recognized as Leaders in the Field


Jen Hansen and Jennifer Wasylyk have been quoted in Lexpert’s Special Edition on Global Mining.

Both Jen and Jennifer were part of the look at “Mining and ESG: A New Standard,” which notes that social and governance goals now share equal footing with the environment as part of sustainable mining. Jennifer says that while ESG issues can apply to any company and its operations, some impact mining companies more than others: “Human rights and security are two big ones” along with relationships with Indigenous groups and artisanal miners and employee health and safety. Jen notes that we will see a move “away from boilerplate language” and “an increased call for real action, real expertise, and better disclosure.”

In addition, Jen is also quoted in the article “Mining M&A in a Changing World,” which says that economic volatility, inflation, and geopolitical risk paint a murky picture for mining M&A. Says Jen: “We expect that we will continue to see strategic transactions and consolidation in the sector, even in light of the challenging capital markets, as there are opportunities that remain.”

We are also proud to note that many of our partners have been identified as leaders in their field by this Special Edition, including:

  • Chad Accursi
  • Matthew Alter
  • Mark Bennett
  • Andre Boivin
  • David Budd
  • Gordon Chambers
  • Lindsay Clements
  • John Craig
  • Brian Dominique
  • Andrea FitzGerald
  • Sandra Gogal
  • Jay Goldman
  • Jen Hansen
  • Alex Iliopoulos
  • Thomas Isaac
  • Lara Jackson
  • Jay King
  • Cathy Mercer
  • Darrell Podowski
  • David Redford
  • Charles Rich
  • Jeffrey Roy
  • Paul Stein
  • Jennifer Traub
  • John Vettese

Lexpert has also released its Special Edition on Energy which honours Matthew Alter, Sandra Gogal, and Thomas Isaac for their expertise in this area.