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Frank Robinson Looks at Franchise as a Possible Model for Cannabis in Ontario with Bloomberg


Frank Robinson has been quoted in an article titled “Ontario’s Pot Restrictions Have Producers Seeking Workarounds” published by Bloomberg.

Writes Kristine Owram: “Ontario is scrambling to get ready as Canada becomes the first country other than Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana next month, a market forecast to be worth C$4.3 billion ($3.3 billion) by 2019, according to Deloitte LLP. A June election brought the Progressive Conservatives to power under Doug Ford, who vowed to remake the province for the ‘little guy.’”

One possible model could be a franchise system, says Frank.

“As the big producers are going to be shut out of Ontario’s recreational cannabis retail system, limited to a single store, the only way they will be able to get their logos and brands on storefronts is to license or franchise all of these small business people to which the province wants to allow access. … This will create fertile ground for franchising by licensed producers.”

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This article was also republished by the Financial Post, click here to view.