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Frank Robinson Discusses Concerns Over Ontario’s Limit on Pot Retail Licenses with Pot Network


Frank Robinson has been quoted in a story titled “Concerns Arise as Ontario Limits Pot Retail Licenses to 25 in New Lottery System,” published by Pot Network.

Writes Brandon Dorfman: “Last Thursday, Ontario’s Conservative government announced they would implement a phased approach to cannabis retail licensing. Despite promises to the contrary, pot shop retail licenses have now been capped at 25 beginning in April. Blaming the ongoing cannabis supply shortage that has plagued Canada since the start of recreational sales in October, government officials said in a statement that they could not issue an unlimited number of licenses to prospective retailers.”

Frank says that the sudden decision to limit licenses had put many potential indusry entrants into a precarious position of uncertainty: “When the Government of Ontario announced a limitless licensing scheme as part of its initial legislative agenda, many industry participants, including licensed producers, established retailers, as well as other emerging brands, planned for and invested in aggressive and immediate rollouts through direct development or partnerships with others. The government’s decision to restrict cannabis retail licenses to an initial phase of 25 stores awarded through a lottery system to geographically scattered stores across the province has abruptly limited access for those who intended to be early entrants into the marketplace.”

For those who had already made investments based on the old system, Frank notes, it is a marked change.

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