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Cassels Lawyers Appointed to INTA Committees for 2024-2025


The International Trademarks Association (INTA) recently released its committee appointments and re-appointments for 2024-2025. Cassels is very proud to be well represented for the upcoming term, and the following members of the Cassels IP team will be serving on the INTA leadership committees below:

  1. Casey Chisick is on the Law Firm Committee
  2. Chandimal Nicholas is on the Emerging Issues Committee
  3. Jennifer McKenzie is on the INTA Bulletins Committee
  4. Karen MacDonald is on the Internet Committee
  5. Mark Davis is on the Enforcement Committee
  6. Sebastian Beck-Watt is on the Copyright Committee
  7. Stephen Selznick is on the INTA Bulletins Committee and the Panel of Trademark Mediators
  8. Steven Kennedy is on the Brands and Innovation Committee

As we noted in our Cassels on IP: November 2023 newsletter, Mark Davis, Chandimal Nicholas, Steven Kennedy, Karen MacDonald, Jennifer McKenzie, and Stephen Selznick will be attending the upcoming INTA Leadership Meeting in Houston, Texas from November 14-17, 2023. If you’d like to connect with us at the meeting, please don’t hesitate to reach out!