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GNQ Insilico Receives $2.65 Million Investment from Trenchant Capital


On April 29, 2024, GNQ Insilico Inc., a Delaware-incorporated healthcare company focused on drug discovery and development through genomics, AI and quantum computing, completed the sale of 20% of its total issued and outstanding common shares to Trenchant Capital Corp., a CSE-listed investment issuer.

The investment was completed in three tranches pursuant to an option agreement dated November 30, 2023, as amended, whereby GNQ received: (i) $1.85 million in cash consideration; (ii) 10,100,000 common shares of Trenchant (having a total aggregate value of $800,000); and, (iii) 2,600,000 warrants of Trenchant.

The option agreement provides Trenchant with the ability to increase its equity ownership in GNQ to 50% with further investments totaling $15 million by November 2026.

Cassels acted for GNQ.

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