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Tom Isaac Quoted in National Post on Cancellation of Manitoba Hydro Deals


Tom Isaac has been quoted in the article “Manitoba Hydro Deals Focus of Court Fight Between Metis and Province.”

Writes the National Post: “The Manitoba government was expected to present submissions Thursday in a lawsuit brought by the Manitoba Metis Federation over the province’s decision to deprive the Metis of $82 million in Manitoba Hydro development compensation. At issue are two agreements to provide the Metis with funding for past and current development on Metis land. Both were cancelled by the Pallister government last year.”
Thomas Isaac, acting for the Federation, told a Court of Queen’s Bench judge on Wednesday that the lawsuit is all about the honour of the Crown. Saying that the NDP government of the day acknowledged the Aboriginal rights of the Metis, but the Pallister government ended the agreements with no provision for negotiation.

Says Tom: “Agreements like this are the glue that binds reconciliation – it’s about parties working together in good faith and working through these issues.”

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