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Just Released! Mining & Minerals: A Practical Guide to the Life Cycle of a Mining Project


Globe Law & Business has now released the inaugural edition of Mining and Minerals: A Practical Guide to the Life Cycle of a Mining Project.

Cassels Brock contributed extensively to this authoritative publication – with Darrell Podowski and Jennifer Poirier acting as Consulting Editors. In addition, Thomas Isaac, Brian Dominique, David Budd, Carla Potter, and Arend Hoekstra contributed chapters on Aboriginal law, capital finance and project finance.

From the publisher:

“Minerals and mining are key to the world economy. The mining and processing of minerals are major sources of income and employment in many countries and minerals are used to make many essential goods that people and economies require worldwide. This practical title outlines in a single volume the essential principles involved in the life of a mining project, from preliminary agreements, to the sale and purchase of minerals, and the decommissioning of mining assets. It is intended as a practical guide for anyone seeking a better understanding of key commercial and legal principles and documentation involved in finding and developing a mining project. Whether you are a lawyer in private practice or in industry, a commercial negotiator or from a financial institution or mineral resource or mining-sector advisory practice, this title will provide a comprehensive insight into minerals and mining transactions.”

For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit the Globe Law & Business website.