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Continuing National Coverage: Working to Assist Afghan Law Firm Shajjan & Associates


At Cassels, we believe that we have a responsibility to other members of the legal community. Recently, the firm made a commitment to assist Afghan law firm Shajjan & Associates as members of that firm – who the Canadian government contracted with to represent our interests and our mission in Afghanistan – attempt to find refuge in Canada. We are particularly proud of the way that individuals across Cassels have rallied to support these important efforts.

Kristin Taylor and Carla Potter have spoken with multiple media outlets about the urgency, the importance, and the frustrations experienced in trying to bring these professionals to safety.


Kristin Taylor and Carla Potter spoke with Ingrid Burke Friedman of The JURIST about the efforts of the Canadian legal community to assist Afghan lawyers fleeing the Taliban. Says Carla: “We reached out to a number of other large law firms across Canada to seek assistance in our efforts, and to amplify our voice. There is understanding across the legal community of the danger these people are in, and the lack of progress.”

Find the full interview here.


Kristin Taylor and Carla Potter spoke with the CBC’s Ellen Mauro on the frustrations in navigating the Canadian government while attempting to assist members of Shajjan & Associates to enter Canada from Afghanistan. As Carla notes in the piece, “We’re ensuring that we do everything we can for them. But certainly, as Canadians, we didn’t expect to be met with the level of frustration and red tape that we have been so far.”

Read the full article here.

The Current

Carla Potter also appeared on CBC Radio’s The Current with Matt Galloway alongside Saeeq Shajjan of Shajjan & Associates, providing more insight on the issues related to this matter, including the Canadian government’s promise to give asylum to 40,000 Afghan refugees with only one tenth of that number having entered Canada.

Listen to the full segment here.

The Globe & Mail

Kristin Taylor spoke with The Globe and Mail’s Janice Dickson in an article published online on December 16 about the issues faced: “Ottawa Urged to Help Canada’s Lawyers Left Behind in Afghanistan.”

Read the full article here. (Subscription required.)

The National

In a feature piece on CBC’s The National, Afghan Resettlement: Lawyers Left Behind, Kristin Taylor and Carla Potter voiced their frustration with leaving lawyers who worked for Canada behind to feel abandoned by this nation.

Watch the full piece here.

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