Megan Braun

Senior Director of Paralegals and Law Clerks

 | Vancouver

Megan Braun (she/her/hers) is the Senior Director of Paralegals and Law Clerks at Cassels, and also serves as a senior paralegal within the firm’s Business Law Group. In her management role, Megan governs the performance, recruitment and development of the paralegals and law clerks nationally, ensuring an exceptional level of performance and commitment to the needs of our clients. As Senior Paralegal, Megan provides support with respect to corporate due diligence, incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, arrangements, continuances, dissolutions, restorations, tax reorganizations and corporate acquisitions. Her experience has a particular focus on entities in the natural resources sector, having worked with international mining organizations with assets based around the world. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management and extensive experience in corporate law, Megan combines a strong understanding of the business needs of the firm’s clients together with an unwavering level of service to help ensure their success.