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Raivo Uukkivi Discusses The Intersection of Aboriginal and Environmental Law in Law Times


Raivo Uukkivi was quoted in the article “Where Aboriginal Law and Environmental Law Intersect” published by the Law Times.

Writes Dale Smith: “As more environmental assessments for projects are taking traditional knowledge and consultation with indigenous peoples into account, lawyers say there can sometimes be a collision between project proponents and the duty to consult as outlined in s. 35 of the Constitution…. When a process that involves indigenous participation is underway, lawyers need to ensure that there is a duty to consult on the project and whether the framework that has been established is sufficient or adequate to address and discharge that duty.”

Says Raivo: “When I look at how we’re going to work through the environmental assessment process, it’s very much on the front of our minds to make sure that [in] the process there is adequate engagement.”

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