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Mark Young & Tilly Gray Look at Technologies That Will Shake Up the Legal World in 2018


Mark Young and Tilly Gray have been quoted in an article titled “Three Technologies That Will Shake Up the Legal World in 2018,” published by The Lawyer’s Daily – these technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and blockchain.

Mark believes that AI will gain a foothold in the industry this year: “We are increasingly seeing innovations in technology which are specifically designed for application in the practice of law (as opposed to innovations which though applicable to the practice of law are designed for broader application). Of these, the most important innovation will be come in the area of artificial intelligence and specifically in the widespread adoption of technology which assists in the review and analysis of documents, both in the context of commercial transactions and complex litigation, completing these tasks faster and with a higher degree of reliability.”

Tilly agrees that AI is gaining prominence but also believes that the cloud will become more widely used by firms: “That hosting model removes certain challenges related to firm resources and infrastructure, ensures that product performance is optimal and creates flexibility for those accessing the tools and related information.”

Both Mark and Tilly also identified challenges presented by new technologies, including the struggle to adjust to radically different processes for the execution of legal work and the possibility of being overwhelmed by the variety of technology options on the market.

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