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Just Released! Canadian Competition Law: Trends & Developments 2020


An Annual Review of What’s Important & What’s Trending in Competition Law

The latest issue of the Canadian Competition Law: Trends & Developments provides a helpful analysis of recent competition law developments and looks ahead to the topics and issues expected to trend in the coming months.

The feature piece of this year’s report focuses, of course, on the impact of COVID-19. Just as COVID-19 upset business and personal plans around the world, it will undoubtedly also affect competition law enforcement, at least in the short term. While the Competition Bureau began 2020 reiterating its focus on the digital economy, it was soon forced to pivot and deal with the impact of COVID-19 on its enforcement priorities as well as its own operations. The report also provides advice to companies looking to collaborate during COVID-19.

Other chapters include:

  • It’s the Digital Economy
  • Common Control Challenge
  • Airport Case Crashes
  • Airline Merger Faces Tailwinds
  • Plaintiffs Score Pyrrhic Victory in Price-Fixing Class Action
  • Different Approach to No-Poach
  • Service Fees Lead to Penalties

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