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Jonathan Sherman Discusses Possibility of Cannabis-Based Beverages With The Cannabist


Jonathan Sherman was quoted in an article published by The Cannabist on the possibility of cannabis-based beverages in Canada. The question was prompted by the recent move of an international brewing company to acquire a stake in a Canadian cannabis company. While neither company has mentioned the possibility of an alcoholic beverage infused with THC, the move has people wondering.

Writes Alicia Wallace: “Federally legal adult-use cannabis sales are on the horizon in Canada, however, the program’s July 2018 launch likely will allow for the sale of only cannabis flower. The regulated sale of edibles (including beverages) and concentrates is expected to come a year later.”

Jonathan is quoted as an attorney who closely tracks the Canadian cannabis industry. He notes that whether R&D could dictate policy remains to be seen. “I don’t know if (cannabis beverage regulations approval) comes down to lobbying or if it’s more demonstrating a need for a product that is safe, regulated and desirable in the (Canadian) market,” he said.

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