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Jonathan Sherman Discusses Licensed Producers and Demands for Legal Cannabis with The Globe and Mail


Jonathan Sherman has been quoted in the article “Ottawa to More Than Triple Cannabis Licences to Boost Production,” published by The Globe and Mail.

Writes the Globe: “The federal government is in  the final stage of licensing 208 new cannabis companies, which would more than triple the number of official producers and vastly increase the industry’s capacity in the lead-up to legislation…. Still, experts said it remains unclear if the new licenses will be  enough to ensure a smooth transition to a legal regime.”

Jonathan believes licensed producers are unlikely to meet the demand for legal cannabis, at least in the initial stages of legalization: “I would imagine that there will be a shortage.” He goes on to add that many licensed producers are trying to increase their capacity by expanding their current facilities, or by buying some of the 208 ‘late-stage applicants’ that will soon obtain their licences: “You’re seeing the existing licensed producers look to expand their capacity to do as much as they can to reach what is predicted demand for July 2018.”

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