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Jed Blackburn Discusses Vexatious Litigants with the London Free Press


Jed Blackburn has been quoted in the article “London-area School Board Seeks Rare Court Order to Bar Ex-teacher From Starting Lawsuits,” published in the London Free Press.

Writes Jennifer Bieman: “After years of legal action initiated by a former high school teacher, a London-area school board is asking a judge to bar its former employee from launching more [by having the plaintiff declared a vexatious litigant].”

Applications to get individuals declared vexatious litigants are rare, says Jed. “It is an extraordinary remedy that the courts reserve for those rare cases where a party has really abused the legal process and the normal rules are not sufficient to constrain them…. There’s quite a high threshold to obtaining them because of their significance.”

Read the full article here.

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