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Frank Robinson Discusses Customer Data with Automotive News


Frank Robinson has been quoted in the article “Dealerships, Automakers and DMS Providers are Locked in a Battle Over Customer Data,” published by Automotive News Canada.

Writes John Irwin: “Canadian dealerships, automakers and dealership management system (DMS) providers could be forced to rewrite franchise and data-sharing agreements as battles escalate over who controls lucrative consumer data and how it is used.”

Says Frank: “There is a whole new currency now in the world, really, and in the commercial environment that is in the form of data…. There is really a struggle about who should own that currency now.”

“And the way this traditional model was set up was, for the most part, these contracts were 10 and 20 years long. And the idea that data was going to have this value 10 and 20 years ago wasn’t nearly as apparent as it is today, so those older forms of agreement probably don’t say anything about that.”

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