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Eric Mayzel and Noah Leszcz Look at the Healthy Menu Choices Act with RestoBiz


Eric Mayzel and Noah Leszcz co-authored an article for RestoBiz, the official website of Canadian restaurant and food service news.

Their article, “Ontario’s Menu Labelling Law Check-up” looks at the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015 which came into force on January 1, 2017. The Act requires that foodservice businesses with 20 or more locations operating in the province under the same name, or a substantially similar name, display calorie information for standard food and drink items, as well as a prescribed statement regarding recommended daily caloric intake.

Eric and Noah take a look at who the Act applies to, what items are subject to the legislation, how caloric and other information must be posted, the consequences of non-compliance and similar food labelling initiatives.

Read the full article here.