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Darrell Podowski Serves as Co-Editor of IBA’s Mining Law Committee Newsletter


Darrell Podowski served as co-editor of the recently released newsletter from the IBA’s Mining Law Committee.

Write Darrell and his co-editor in their Letter from the Editor: “The latest edition of the Mining Law Committee Newsletter was edited with the concept of connectivity in mind,” and stories touch “on the need for ‘international cooperation as the way forward to addressing the profound political, economic, social and ecological issues of our age’ and also sets out regulatory and other developments in Brazil, Myanmar, Portugal and South Africa.”

Darrell also co-authored a book review for the publication.

The articles in the newsletter include:

The objective of the IBA’s Mining Law Committee is to promote an interchange of information and views, and to advance knowledge among individual members of the committee and others as to laws, practices and procedures affecting all activities concerning minerals and mining throughout the world.

These articles first appeared on the website of the Mining Law Committee of the Legal Practice Division of the International Bar Association, and is reproduced by kind permission of the International Bar Association, London, UK. © International Bar Association.