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CFA Acknowledges Larry Weinberg & Davit Akman in Recent Advocacy Work to Protect Franchisors and Franchisees


In a recent bulletin, the CFA outlined its advocacy work to influence important changes to wage-fixing and no-poaching enforcement guidelines.

Writes the CFA: “The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce another advocacy victory in protecting the franchise business model in Canada and the CFA community…. The criminalization of wage-fixing and no-poaching agreements in franchising is problematic as it fails to recognize the legitimate business arrangements and restraints inherent in the unique franchisor-franchisee relationship, where standardized agreements and collaborative efforts are necessary to ensure the stability and success of franchise systems by maintaining operational standards and uniformity across franchise locations.”

The CFA goes on to extend its appreciation to the members of its Competition Act Subcommittee – including Cassels partners Larry Weinberg (Subcommittee Chair) and Davit Akman – for their dedication and volunteered time and work in shaping these changes.

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