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Cassels Launches 2023 Grant to Support Canadian Black-owned Small Business


Update: Recipients of the 2023 Cassels Black-Owned Small Business Grant have now been announced.

Cassels is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications from Black-owned or operated small businesses for our annual Cassels Black-Owned Small Business Grant, supported by Wheaton Precious Metals.

This year, we are accepting applications from businesses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

As in previous years, we are focused on supporting businesses that align with our firm’s core values and will most benefit from the grant and the legal expertise that we offer. In 2023, the total of the grants provided will be up to $100,000, combining funds raised by individuals from across Cassels with the generous support of Wheaton Precious Metals.

In addition, this grant amount will be matched with pro bono legal services to help these businesses succeed. Our hope is that this initiative will provide recipients with the financial support and expert advice needed to sustain their businesses and create long-term economic opportunities.

The complete application form and accompanying terms and conditions can be downloaded here:

Completed applications can be submitted by email to All applications must be received by 5 PM Pacific Time on Monday, June 26, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Bethany McKoy and Krystina Norman, Grant Committee Members, at

About the Cassels Black-Owned Small Business Grant

At Cassels, we believe that a diverse environment is a rich environment, and an open, inclusive atmosphere benefits everyone working in it. While we continue to work to foster such an environment within our firm it is also our desire to promote such diversity and inclusion in the broader business world in which we operate.

We understand the funding challenges that small businesses face in Canada and are aware of the unique challenges faced by Black business owners. Accordingly, for the past three years, Cassels has offered financial support to the Black business community in the form of a grant or grants to one or more Black-owned or operated small businesses in each of the three cities in which we work and live (Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary) with the goal of creating long-term economic opportunity.