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Cam Mingay Discusses Possible Marijuana Shortage & Regulatory Realities with Bloomberg Politics


In an article titled “Canada Ponders an Unusual Drug Problem: A Shortage of Marijuana,” posted on June 23, 2017, by Bloomberg Politics, partner Cam Mingay provides insight on the regulatory realities of bringing products to market.

Writes Bloomberg: “Health Canada pledged last month to speed up its approval process for applicants seeking a license to grow marijuana. The agency has been more responsive but it still takes up to a year for a new producer to ramp up production and get product to market, said Cam Mingay, a senior partner at Cassels Brock who follows the industry.”

Says Cam: “I don’t know what anyone can do about it — you can’t force the plants to grow faster…. You could approve 50 more tomorrow, and realistically they could probably be in production by the end of 2018 in any meaningful capacity.”

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