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Brenda Swick Discusses Saudi Arms Deal with The London Free Press


Brenda Swick was quoted in the article “Saudi Arms Deal: Options Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” published by the London Free Press.

Writes Jonathan Lua: “As pressure mounts on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to register outrage against Saudi Arabian human rights abuses, the future of a $15-billion arms deal with the desert kingdom — serviced by defence giant General Dynamics Land Systems in London — appears imperiled.”

Brenda’s  believes Canada should keep the contract, but suspend future deals. While it’s legally possible for Canada to find a way out of the Saudi deal, Brenda said, she believes the political and economic costs of such a decision are too high for the federal government to move forward on that option. Instead, she suggests the government has two main tools at its disposal: imposing sanctions against Saudi officials or restricting future deals with the regime.

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