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Brenda Swick Among Nine Experts to Weigh-In on How Canada Should Navigate New Trade Landscape


Brenda Swick has been quoted in the article “Trade Wars,” published in the Queen’s Law Reports. In the article, nine legal experts weigh in on how Canada should navigate the new landscape of international disintegration.

Writes Mark Witten: “These are turbulent times in the world of international trade law. President Donald Trump and the United States government have been aggressively pursuing protectionist policies through the imposition of global tariffs on aluminum and steel, increasing unilateralism, a sift towards narrow bilateral trade bargaining, and a general retreat from multilateral trade agreements and rules-based systems.”

Brenda takes the long view on the current tide of protectionism: “Throughout history there have been periods of enhanced trade globalization and protectionism. It’s an ebb and flow, and today we are witnessing a tightening of trade after more than 30 years of trade liberalization. I view the US protectionist policy as more than troublesome for Canada but, I hope, ultimately beneficial in the long run because it pushes Canada to develop diversified export markets. It’s good that Canada has negotiated CETA and CPTTP as alternatives. Canada can’t afford to be a protectionist nation. As an export-dependent nation, we need to reach out, and that’s what Canada is doing.”

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