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Alison Manzer Looks at Brexit, Supply Chain Problems and Blockchain Technology with the Bankless Times


Alison Manzer has been quoted in the article “Brexit Troubles Provide Backdrop for Supply Chain Problems Solvable by Blockchain Technology,” published by Bankless Times.

Writes Tony Zerucha: “For all of the trouble Brexit is causing for businesses both inside and outside the United Kingdom, not to mention poor Theresa May, it also provides a backdrop for industry to ask key questions and to learn lessons from this process that can help improve processes down the road. One of those questions is how we can improve supply chains to make them less susceptible to disruption. One of the groups asking that question is R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm working with more than 300 members and partners. R3 believes solutions lie in blockchain technology.”

In January, R3 released “Can Blockchain Future-Proof Supply Chains? A Brexit Case Study,” a report developed by the R3 Global Trade Strategy Forum, a working group tasked with analyzing the impact of trade uncertainties. Alison was one of the contributors to this paper.

Says Alison: “Regardless of the terms of (the eventual) Brexit, the idea was to look at challenges on supply systems now that they’re becoming a true border,” who goes on to discuss how the simple logistics of many industries will be impacted by new border measures, compliance issues and a lack of border processing capacity. However, Alison states: “This isn’t just a Brexit problem, but one for all cross-border commerce.”

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