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Employers Must Update Employment Standards Posting – For Now


The Ontario Ministry of Labour has issued a new version of its Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) poster to reflect recent changes to employment standards in the province. Employers are obligated to post the new version in a conspicuous place in the workplace, provide a copy to any new hires and, where the majority of employees speak a language other than English, post a copy in that language alongside the English version (provided that the Ministry has a translated version of the poster available). A link to Version 8 of the ESA poster and the translated versions can be found here.

It should be noted that if Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, 2018, is passed as currently drafted it will remove employers’ posting obligations under the ESA. Bill 66 has yet to proceed to Second Reading but we will continue to monitor its progress.

This publication is a general summary of the law. It does not replace legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances.