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Federal Government to Transfer Batoche Historic Site Lands Back to Métis People of Saskatchewan


On July 22, 2022 the federal government announced land at the Batoche National Historic Site, an area significant and close to Métis people’s hearts in Saskatchewan, will be transferred back to Métis control. It will include 690 hectares of land at Batoche, located 78 kilometres north of Saskatoon. The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan will be responsible for lands on the western part of the National Historic Site.

“The Batoche grounds have always been important to our Métis citizens, our history and the resistance,” Métis Nation-Saskatchewan president Glen McCallum said in a news release. “The repatriation of Batoche lands is tangible and starts the path to reconciliation.”

Cassels acted for Métis Nation-Saskatchewan.

This deal was recently highlighted by CBC. Read more here.

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