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Tilly Gray Discusses “Law Firms Adopting AI” with CBA’s National Magazine


Tilly Gray has been quoted in the article “Law firms adopting AI”, published by the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine.

Writes Jennifer Brown: “The pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in a number of industries, and law appears to be no exception.”

“Much of it is driven by clients, who have shown a willingness to embrace the technology like never before. In both litigation and transactions, a growing number of them expect their law firms to use AI tools to cut costs on predicting outcomes and document review.”

Says Tilly: “That is indicative of many things, including the current environment and acceptance of cloud-based technologies and the need for creative workarounds now that we’re not in traditional bricks and mortar and paper-based practices”.

AI can also appeal to clients “because things get done faster”. Tilly goes on to say: “If you can get them comfortable with the fact that this is the way we’re proceeding, they’re happy to have the work product delivered to them that much faster with the same accuracy and quality”.

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