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Tenisha Younge Looks at the Importance of Diversity for Gen Z Talent with Canadian Lawyer


Tenisha Younge Wint has been quoted in the article “How to Attract and Retain Gen Z Legal Talent: Walk the Walk on Diversity,” published by Canadian Lawyer.

Writes Aidan Macnab: “Just as law firms were becoming acclimated to the millennial culture shift, into the workplace came Gen Z.”

Zoomers – born between 1996 and 2012 – have proven to be “completely different” from their immediate predecessors in how they approach their careers, says Tenisha, who notes that they are most interested in organizations with a genuine dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

In her role as Manager of Diversity & Inclusion at Cassels, Tenisha notes that students often request offline conversations “to ensure the firm they are attaching themselves to is not one of those companies that used the correct terminology in 2020 but did not follow through.”

Tenisha will be part of a panel at Canadian Lawyer’s upcoming Women in Law Summit Canada on February 16, leading a discussion on “Attracting the Next Generation of Legal Talent – How Can Law Firms Change to Meet the New Demands?”

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