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Suhuyini Abudulai Quoted on the Scope of the Consumer Protection Act in the Law Times


Suhuyini Abudulai has been quoted in the article “Cases Could Have Impact on Recreational Facilities” published by the Law Times.

Writes Shannon Kari: “The Ontario Court of Appeal is being asked to interpret a potential conflict between two provincial statutes that could have significant ramifications for ski resorts and other recreational activities that carry the risk of injury. The scope of the Consumer Protection Act and the interplay with the waiver protections for suppliers under the Occupiers’ Liability Act are at the centre of appeals of two Superior Court rulings that are being heard jointly.” (Schnarr v. Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd. and Woodhouse v. Snow Valley.)

Says Suhuyini: “This is a novel case. It touches on a wide variety of industries and there is not a lot of guidance [on the scope of the CPA].”

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