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Robyn Blumberg and Kyle Kuczynski Discuss the Importance of Adhering to Contracted Notice Provisions


Robyn Blumberg and Kyle Kuczynski have been quoted in the Legal Notes article “Adhering to Contracted Notice Provisions is Vital to Any Claim,” published by Daily Commercial News.

Writes John Bleasby: “It always bears repeating; Read, understand and comply with the notice provisions in your contract. Adhering to what is laid out in the contract will determine the ability of a plaintiff to take a claim to court.”

Note Robyn and Kyle: “There is an overarching purpose for providing timely written notice in the case of alleged delays…. That purpose is to give the owner real notice that there’s a potential delay event, providing the owner with the opportunity to mitigate damages. Without notice, the contractor deprives the owner of that ability.”

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