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Michael Osborne Discusses Funding Increase for Competition Bureau with the Financial Post


Michael Osborne has been quoted in the article “Competition Bureau Gets a Budget Boost, But Is It Enough to Make Companies Think Twice?” published by the Financial Post.

Writes FP: “Canada’s competition watchdog has for years been criticized for letting too much slide. The problem, critics, say, is that the Competition Bureau is woefully underfunded for a national law enforcement body that is expected to pursue complex and sprawling investigations against deep-pocketed corporations…”

Michael says sometimes you “think [you have] a really good case, and the bureau says, ‘we don’t have the resources.’”

However, “the bureau is set to receive a major increase in federal government funding, which some observers believe could boost its power enough to seriously rein in anti-competitive practices.”

Notes Michael: “This is a big increase in funding, a very big increase in funding.”

Read the full article here.

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