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Jeremy Barretto Provides his Vision for Future of Calgary as a Cleantech Capital to CBC News


Jeremy Barretto has authored an opinion piece published by CBC News, titled: “Calgary Can Become a Cleantech Capital Within a Decade. Here’s How.” In the article, Jeremy says that Calgary must secure its “future by implementing specific and actionable ideas now.”

Writes Jeremy:

Imagine Calgary a decade from now, thriving, with near-zero office vacancy, full employment, and robust public finances.

Top students are flocking to the city from other provinces and our young people are staying or returning home. Green energy companies are multiplying and thriving. Now ask yourself: How did we get there?

This future may seem like a long way from where we are. The triple whammy of the prolonged economic downturn, the crash in oil prices and COVID-19 have resulted in serious pain for the Alberta economy.

Premier Jason Kenney has spoken about Alberta providing the “last barrel” of oil as the world’s most responsible producer at the end of the ongoing and decades-long energy transition. But what will we do next?

We must secure our future by implementing specific and actionable ideas now.

Read Jeremy’s full article here.