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ICYMI: FACL BC’S “But I Look Like a Lawyer” Documentary


At Cassels, we believe that a diverse environment is a rich environment, and an open, inclusive atmosphere benefits everyone who works within it. Fostering such an environment enables us to respond with a greater agility to the challenges faced by our clients in a diverse, multicultural world.

An organization that is working to promote equity, justice, and opportunity for Asian Canadian legal professional and the broader community is the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers BC (FACL BC). Several of our lawyers are members of this important association.

In 2021, FACL BC released the documentary “But I Look Like a Lawyer.” This documentary aims to increase intercultural awareness through stories of the discrimination, stereotyping, and bias experienced by members of the Pan-Asian legal community.

“But I Look Like a Lawyer” was awarded a 2021 Clawbie award for Best Innovative Project and we encourage you watch.

To view the documentary, ask questions, or for more information, please click here.

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