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Cassels to Partner with Switch Health to Provide COVID-19 Testing for All Firm Members


Cassels is pleased to announce a partnership with its client, Switch Health, to provide COVID-19 testing for all firm members through Switch Health’s Corporate Program. This partnership reflects the firm’s commitment to ensure the health and safety of its team members and clients and support a responsible staged approach to re-opening businesses across Canada.

Switch Health is a Canadian health solutions provider focused on decentralized diagnostics and healthcare enablement. Switch Health has quickly become an industry leader in COVID-19 testing initiatives and provides mobile rapid testing services to government and private partners across the country. Switch Health’s business-to-business on-site mobile testing allows for accessible and efficient testing while easing the burden on the public health system and helping safely restart the Canadian economy.

“Switch Health is pleased to officially announce our new business-to-business offering through our partnership with Cassels. With back-to-school and flu season upon us, Canadian families are more anxious than ever. Switch Health’s Corporate Program provides our partners with reliable and fast testing for employees and their families. Our on-site testing and scheduled at-home services give peace of mind to our clients,” says Dilian Stoyanov, CEO of Switch Health.

“We are proud to partner with Switch Health to offer this service to our team. We believe that by improving timely access to testing, we will increase confidence in the safety of our offices and ensure that we are doing our part to safeguard the wellbeing of employees and our communities,” says Mark Bennett, Managing Partner at Cassels.

About Switch Health

Switch Health, a Toronto-based decentralized healthcare company, has quickly become an industry leader in COVID-19 testing initiatives. Switch Health has quickly made a name for itself in connected disease management technologies. COVID-19 has accelerated the company’s long-term goals of creating better patient care, beginning with mobile COVID-19 testing. Switch Health is revolutionizing patient care through decentralized diagnostics and testing options, making care more accessible. For more details about Switch Health, please visit