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Adrian Jakibchuk Looks at Incoming EI Parental Sharing Benefit in Benefits Canada


Adrian Jakibchuk has been quoted in the article titled “Employers Urged to Prepare for Incoming EI Parental Sharing Benefit,” published by Benefits Canada.

Writes Alethea Spiridon: “With the federal government’s new employment insurance parental sharing benefit taking effect in a couple of weeks, employers are being advised to prepare for the changes.”

Says Adrian: “Employers will need to be ready to adapt to a new reality should new parents collectively decide to avail themselves of the new shared parental leave EI benefits. This includes parental leave requests becoming more common, particularly among new fathers and non-birth mothers. New-birth mothers who shared parental leave with a spouse and took less than the maximum individual entitlement may now take a lengthier leave knowing it won’t impact their spouse’s right to also take at least five weeks of EI parental leave.”

The benefit, which was introduced in the government’s 2018 budget, will be available to parents, including adoptive or same-sex parents, for a child born or placed for the purpose of adoption on or after March 17, as long as they’re eligible for, and share, their EI parental benefits.

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